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For you Visitor

Welcome art lover!

VOGART gives to you the best opportunity to meet the most talented artist and the art pieces from galleries from the entire world, but this is just the beginning. You could vote and support to them whose art has achieved to fascinate you, and decide who owes to show their pieces to the world with just a click, at PHYSICAL GALLERIES AND EXHIBITIONS.

Influence with your opinion on the art streams, buy art from home, or just be amazed with the beauty of never before seen pieces of art.

VOGGART is the opportunity that none art lover or collector can let go.

Welcome to VOGGART!


You must sign in as an ARTIST or a GALLERIST to enjoy all the functions that VOGGART has prepared for you. You can also do it as a VISITOR, you will not be able to upload artworks, but you could comment, visit and rate the best pieces, send messages to the authors, publish on the Wall, buy, etc.


Your profile is done, and you have join VOGGART!! Now, to start uploading your pieces, you must go to “My Artworks” on the top and click “NEW ARTWORK” and after that on “NEW GALLERY”. VOGGART organize your pieces in galleries to make you easy to classify it in a similar way that you would do it with your computer folders.


Once you have created your gallery, fill the gaps on the form. You can write a short explanation about it, and choose a representative image. LOOK OUT!! It will be the first thing that your visitors will see, so you can use a representative picture, the author picture, or whatever you want. Finish clicking on the big black button “SAVE GALLERY”


Is time to upload your art pieces. Just after save the new gallery, the menu for your artwork will be opened. Choose it on JPG/JPGE format, and select one of the obligatory categories. You decide the rest. You can describe your piece, add detail pictures to it, use the labels to a better classification, or put a price. Click on “SAVE ARTWORK DATA” and your piece will be visible to the entire planet. 


With the “DETAIL IMAGES” you can stand out a detail of your artwork, add a different angle, add a certificate, etc., but it will not appear on the ranking, because the function is to complete and enrich the main image. You can add it meanwhile you are uploading your artworks or later, clicking on “EDIT ARTWORK” entering in the piece of your choice.


If you want to keep adding new pieces to already created galleries, just pick that one that where you want to add it looking in to the White box next to the “NEW GALLERY” button. Fill the data of your new piece like is explained on the step 4, and it’s done!!